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Pearl powder is widely used in makeup to enhance makeup. Usually used on top of foundation or powder to give a glowing impression on makeup and skin that looks smooth as porcelain, not to be dull and  will look bright.

The benefits of pearl powder you should know
* Brighten your skin to look white and shining
* Eliminate black, dark spots, and acne
* make you look toned and youthful
* Smooth skin like a baby's skin
* Smooth circulation of blood throughout the body
* Detoxification, or remove toxic substances from the human body
* Tissue regeneration and speed wound healing
* Rejuvenates the skin, making the skin has a tender, and subtle
* Beautify the skin, improving skin appearance
* Prevents the effects of aging, anti-aging
* To replace dead skin cells,
* Rejuvenation,
* Anti-irritants
* Turns into collagen and increase the humidity of the face;
* Forms a shield which serves to hold the water, so the skin becomes moist and seemed to shine;
* Heal the dead skin cells;
* Keep skin cells hydrated; and
* Helps skin cell metabolism.
* Prevent damage to skin cells,
* Prevent the aging process of the skin,
* To encourage the development of skin,
* Encourage the vitality of the skin.

Routine use will be visible results, direct skin so bright white, smooth soft and acne or will be lost the spots on your face. It is very safe without side effects, since the natural 100%.

How to use:
* Can be partially Mixed Mask
* Can be directly applied to the face in half-wet conditions
* Mixed into Lotions
* Mix to soap
* Or as a mixture of powder / Foundation
* Can be special drink 1 scoop 2x a day

Come on! What are you waiting for? Let’s get some pearl powder!