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I started out with a $3,000 Credit Card, which when you talk to any business adviser or business-coach is absolutely the worst thing you could do when I first started my business, One-on-One Personal Computer Training. One of many issues I have been most conscious of is the expense of experiencing a large number of staff. Just how I accomplished a high level of efficiency such a competitive market was to automate as most of the day-to-day tasks when I could. The best tasks for company automation are those which can be repetitive.

As soon as I mention the word Business Automation, most technophobes will put up a barrier and go into a minor or major fit. Business automation can be as simple as creating just a few microsoft word templates. Business automation doesn't suggest employing a huge range of software designers and toiling day and night to build some monsterous and complex system. It can and should be simple so that you as a business owner can in fact get it done yourself. Let me explain!

Microsoft for all its bad and the good issues, has provided business one of the most awesome tools - Microsoft Word enables you to build templates as you wish that you can reuse as many times.

What Is A Microsoft Word Template?

Really, a Microsoft Word Template is much like any traditional word document, the difference is that it's created to be reused as numerous times while you require. Why don't you produce a normal word document then. Well, the difference is that by using a Microsoft Word Template, you'll store the template under the New discussion box, so that each right time you want to use the document you go to that certain point and it will be around.

Did you know that you may even create your folders that are own the New dialog box? You have to do is to simply create a new folder where all your templates are stored if you didn't know this, all. On each of our company's computers we have a folder that is special one-on-one where we store each of our templates for use by our staff

What Sort Of Templates Might You Need?

This is one of many key questions I have asked the most. The most templates that are common see tiny businesses require are stuff like Sick Leave Forms, Leave Applications, Order Forms, Sales Letters, Purchase Order Forms and therefore forth.

One of the good reasons why I chose to build Microsoft Word Templates in my business was to ensure a level of continuity of connection with our customers. By building a series of Templates such as:

- A Company Letter Head

- A Company Fax Sheet

- An Organization Leave Application

- A Company Thank You Letter

- A Business Weekly Timesheet

- A Company Sales Letter

- A Company Visitor Sign-in Sheet

- A Company Purchase Order Form

- A Company Order Form

Each time they have to send a letter or fax by having these forms in a central place I have ensured that my staff don't need to be recreating these styles of documents. Further to this, I understand that particular product sales letters used by my staff shall achieve the sales outcomes that I am looking for.