PvE Farming

Earth Guardian is perfect in making $_$, adding to the collector profession you may become a currency

generating martial lord.

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Tip: Avoid Mobs that uses long range attacks. If a mob/s can crack your shield within 10seconds then

avoid that mob/s or decrease the mobbing quantity. Also avoid mobs that uses abilities that result in talent

cancellation, like knock back, knock down, stun etc. In short look for dumb mobs, lucky for you theres a

good deal of them in this game lolz


Farming Ability Rotation

ALWAYS remember to make sure that your Earthly Threat ability is active.

Also Dont Forget about the Tanking Skill Rotation

1: Use Luring Abilities Even by way of you may lure aggressive monsters just by passing on their detection

selection, you can use Earthly Shackle and or Energetic Roar as this expertise are long variety and to each lure

the enemies and generate vitality and save some time too. Also even though mobbing you may easily gain more

than adequate vitality to inflict and use your AoE DPS techniques.

2: Immediately after collecting the desired numbers of mobs, cast Stone Skin.

3: Then cast Soul Stone Strength (3% attack 3 attack comes very far in the long run). sometimes you

find loads of mobs compacted on a certain array that is inside the assortment of the soul stone. As long as

you see the soul stone buff then no need to recast this talent.

4: Cast Energetic Roar whenever its available. Always.

5: Cast Vital Surge if your vitality is 80

six: Cast Clinted Fang whenever its available. this ability possess a great amount of damage and pretty low


7: Cast Seismic Shock whenever Flinted Fang or Vital Surge is not available. This is your secondary

vitality farming ability aside from Energetic Roar. Its the rice in your chicken curry.


Final Note: Earth Guardian or any Guardian can choose between Earth or Storm armor sets. In the event you want to

increase your defense and survival capabilities then go with your Earth 8 piece armor set. One of the

major advantage of an Earth 8 piece armor set is the -20% Cooldown on stone skin. Should you want to

increase your DPS then it is possible to go full Storm set or mix 6 piece storm with earth guardian armor set.


In thai im farming 200 gems tons of stuff with out using a single pot for 5hours , if i can do it then

you can do it too.


Why Earth Guardians Doesnt Need Taunt: My guild mates in Thai are always wondering why i can keep the

boss and mob attention on me without the need of even using the taunt talent. For me its useless dung, if this talent

effect final for at the very least thirty seconds then i might consider, but 3 seconds is duh meh ugh 3 seconds past

and the mobs will still focus on whoever they think is more tastier. As long as you use Earthly Risk

Earthen Wrath Flinted Fang Vital Surge Seismic Shock Soul Stone Storm Guard 6pcs armor set

(optional) then your damage and threat is more than sufficient to keep the boss and its subs salivating for

your flesh.