Google Chrome for windows 10 : Best Internet Browser

You can leisurely download Google Chrome for Windows 10 chum. Before that you should know about Google Chrome and its features those you may not use. “Google Chrome is the best browser” we can say this without cogitation. Because of its great user friendliness and attractive features, it became foremost web browsing application. Google Chrome is one of the best products brought in via Google. There are several features or uses we need to know about Chrome.


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Auto fill

Using Google Chrome makes us to work less or type to a lesser extent because it has a great built in feature that is auto filling, this feature helps us to fill the forms with just one click and enables us to save time instead of filling same forms again and again.

Instant search

Google Chrome provides us another useful feature to search instantly from the URL bar. We can choose from different results and suggestions that appears when we type. It also shows suggestions related to recent searches and recently visited resources from our browser.

Synchronize and browse happily any device

By synchronizing our devices we can surf easily and effectively. Google Chrome comes with simple and known features to search comfortably such as open tabs, recent searches and bookmarks etc. Having synchronized devices makes us to use web from where we left means synchronized devices share information. By signing in on our device we can synchronize it with other.

Customize Via Store

We use Google Chrome as we wish to use it in different colors or themes. We can customize Google Chrome via web store. Web store is featured with different types of Games, Apps, Themes and extensions for Chrome. Use free Themes, Apps and Games to customize your Chrome and use it in all your devices as it is by synchronizing. Here we have features that run offline and online, so we can use according to our convenience.

Incognito mode

By using incognito mode on our Chrome browser we can forbid it to save browsing history then we can browse privately. To use this feature, open Chrome Menu and select New Incognito Window or new private window to browse.

Task Manager

To use this feature go to Chrome Menu choose More tools there you will find Task Manager. With this task manager we can end processes running on Chrome which are not relevant to us while browsing. Here we can find statistics for nerds or wonks, using this feature one can analyses different browsers running at that instant and their stats.

You may not using additional accessibility features on your Chrome, for this go to Setting–>Advanced Settings–> Add additional accessibility features.

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Minimum requirements to use Google Chrome on your device

  • Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that’s SSE2 capable
  • Free disk space (350 MB)
  • RAM (512 MB)


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