I Maintain By The Dry Foam Rug Cleaning Process

How does it work?

The portable equipment yields an...

I have worked as a carpet cleaning technician in Rochester, Ny for the past 6 years and definitely claim by-the Dry Foam Extraction cleaning system. Experience has shown me that it's much more advanced than the steam cleaning technique. It's an incredibly effective low water and rapid drying carpet-cleaning technique. The equipment is manufactured by the Von Schrader Company in Racine, Wisconsin. Theyve been in business since 1935.

So how exactly does it work?

The portable unit creates a level layer of dry foam just prior to the brush. The foam emulsifies (separates) the dust from the carpet fibers. A soft round wash combs and lifts the pack all the way to the bottom of the rug. The emulsified land is then immediately extracted with a effective integrated vacuumall in-one forward pass.

Some Features of the Dry Foam Extraction System:

The carpet is cleaned down to the bottom.The total bristle wash pulls the soil within an upward movement for the area.

This releases any deeply stuck land. The rug is Deep Cleaned and the stack appears elevated.

There's a multiple dry foam cleaning and machine pick-up all-in one easy step. There's no need for split up devices.

Mixture is used only a 10 % water by the low moisture-cleaning agent. This stops the wetting of the backing and carpet.

No need to be worried about rug injury such as browning, shrinkage, buckling, delaminating, and form.

Rugs dry easily due to low water retention.

Dry Foam cleaning systems generally clear faster than warm water cleaning systems.

The detergent is environmentally safe and leaves rugs feeling soft to the touch. It has a well known fragrance.

The gear is extremely soft o-n mats.

Some observations I have made regarding Warm Water or Steam Cleaning systems:

Exorbitant amounts of water are used by steam cleaning methods. Mats become soaked.

Warm water can harm some carpet fibers. It might also trigger shade bleeding, shrinkage, and browning. In the event you want to identify more about soft whitegloveny, there are lots of databases people could pursue. Mark avoid rugs may lose their resistance.

The soap used in heated water cleaning systems appears to leave a deposit that can attract dust.

Rugs need more time to dry.


I've washed rugs professionally for quite some time utilizing the Dry Foam Cleaning System. I've received a huge selection of compliments from many satisfied customers. Most people enjoy it. Their this is the best!. Click this link white glove cleaning services discussions to study the purpose of it.