Everyday Yoga -- Treat Your Feet | Sara Avant Stover

When I lived in Thailand I had the good fortune of getting a foot massage at least once a week. There, foot reflexology oases flowered on nearly every city block, and a one-hour session costs a whopping $6. Now that I have moved back to the US, things are different on many levels, the disappearance of my indulgent weekly ritual being one of them!

Not to worry. Now I use a simple and effective method that achieves (almost) the same results. Only in this version, napping is dangerous!

Your only investment here is a can of tennis balls and five minutes. Not bad. The results: breaking up fascia in your feet (fascia is a web-like sheath of connective tissue that stretches from head to toe, encapsulating and interpenetrating your organs, nerves, muscles, and bones); stretching out your feet and toes which become constricted from wearing shoes and supporting your entire body weight; and stimulating reflex points.

The tradition of Chinese Medicine teaches us that reflex points for all the organs, glands, and muscles in the body can be found on the feet. A trained reflexologist can even put pressure on different points on the sole or side of the feet to determine and help alleviate illness.

This is why when you press on certain areas of your feet some "talk" to you more than others. Those sensitive spots are good indications that another part of your body needs some TLC. Click here to find a map of reflex points to help you navigate on your own.

Our ancestors stimulated their reflex points naturally by walking barefoot over rocks, stones, and rough ground. Today, since most of us spend a good deal of our lives with our feet crammed into shoes and walking on pavement, we need to use devices like tennis balls to exert pressure on and stimulate our feet.

So grab your ball, take of your shoes, and join me by watching the instructional video below!