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Thus, the set of reactions and the set of phases shown in Table 2 (numbered rows and columns, respectively) are intended to identify the matrix of stoichiometric coefficients νij, which Apatinib a part of the system of material balance Eq. (1).
Table 2.
The matrix of stoichiometric coefficients νij (νij<0 for reagents, νij>0 for reaction products) (in bold) corresponding to kinetic scheme in the model of YAG synthesis. The number of the reaction is marked by index j=1–5, the number of phase – by index i=0–3.Kinetic scheme of the processAYAGYAHYAMi0123jА→YAG (ξ1)1−11А→YAH (ξ2)2−11А→YAM (ξ3)3−11YAM→YAH (ξ4)41−1YAH→YAG (ξ5)51−1Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
The composition of the system expressed by the component (phase) fractions xi(t) is blastocoel related to the progress degree of reactions ξj(t) and the matrix of stoichiometric coefficients νij by the following balance equation:equation(1)xi(t)=xi(0)+∑jνijξj(t)where xi(0) is the component fraction at the initial time.