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The main factors affecting the geopolymer properties generally depend on the utilized aluminosilicate source. For example, slag and fly ash may have different affecting [6] and [13] several works have been carried out on geopolymers and there is no unanimity on the effects of various factors for upsetting these ML347 materials. The important factors of geopolymer production could be categorized into aluminosilicate source type and size, water curing regime, alkali activator, concentration of alkali activator, oven curing temperature and its time, and the alkali activator to cement weight ratio. Also in steel fibers reinforced geopolymer composites, volume or weight fraction (percent) and aspect ratio of fibers are effective parameter. It might be impossible to investigate all of the parameters? effect by conducting a single work. However, by using a suitable design of experiment method (DOE) one may consider some of the factors affecting properties. Taguchi method as the most famous method utilized for designing the parameters of an engineering problem could be employed. Submission of orders method to geopolymers is limited [14], [15] and [16].