It may be short on design, but it still offers plenty of material

It may be short on design, but it still offers plenty of material.  
If you're seeking a low-cost meizu m2 note review device that performs well with MetroPCS' affordable pre-paid service, the F60 is a strong starting point.The F60 is a basic Android operating system smart cellphone. It gets some of its features from LG's well-known design language, but eschews the high-end design lines that set LG's leading mobile phones apart from the audience.

You could almost call the F60 a G3 Small, but not quite. It has LG's trademark form when considered straight-on. You won't find any fancy firefox groups or shades here. It's obsidian front side and rear. The top side is all glass and the returning and ends are protected with a flat complete. I like the balance between xiaomi mi3 review the two. The F60 is simple, but it performs.The cell phone's small design really help it fit in the hand well.

The screen is restricted to 4.5 inches wide across the angled, so the overall impact has a smaller impact sized than today's leading behemoths.The returning has a carefully rounded form where it satisfies the side ends, which lets it sit well in your hand.It also suits perfectly in the bank no matter how restricted your denims may be.

LG's F60 is an entry-level Android operating system smart cellphone that strikes way above its weight.This cellphone may be affordable, but it easily outperforms more costly devices.LG's Optimus F60 in an entry-level device for MetroPCS.