LED show control application analysis three primary parameters

According to the manufacturer, the number of its LED(variable message sign) show Parameter is going to be distinctive, following analysis classification, may be divided in to the basic parameters, the auxiliary parameters and 3 core parameters.


Very first, the basic parameters


The fundamental parameters are simple parameters of your show, if not set appropriately, it is possible to not communicate or show and displayed properly. The basic parameters consist of screen height and width, control card address, baud price, IP address, port number, MAC address, subnet mask, gateway, refresh rate in addition to a shift clock frequency of 10 products.


Second, the auxiliary parameter


Auxiliary parameter is always to superior control and display parameters and settings, which includes the handle card name, mailing mark is displayed, switch the screen brightness, and also a total of 4 times.


Third, the core parameters


Core parameters are parameters necessary for the display, if not set correctly, ranging from not displayed, whilst in screen burn. Core parameters including cascaded direction, OE polarity data polarity, show form, color, scan mode, take the point total in the order and also the order with the lines eight.


For the basic parameters and secondary parameters, providing input boxes and selection boxes, user input and choice, the show is connected directly to settings. As for the core parameters, you could use an expert respectively Quick, intelligent configuration and external configuration file to finish the three approaches.


1, expert Rapid


For the prevalent and widespread varieties of show, the parameters are commonly fixed, then can pre-order a file or table, you'll be able to decide to load the configuration for debugging. (EN12966)


2, intelligent configuration


For the much less common or are unsure from the show, the parameters are unknown, then may be intelligent configuration, decide its configuration parameters, and after that save it for later use.


three, external file configuration


The intelligent configuration or otherwise constructed in an external file to import it.


With the three core parameters configuration, the intelligent configuration is fairly important one particular configuration, the primary processes and functions are as follows:


1. Start intelligent configuration.


two, via a wizard-style, allowing customers to pick and display human-computer interaction, intelligent configuration operations begin by filling out the initial parameter that determines the polarity OE / data polarity, determines the color, determines the scanning mode, take the point to decide the order, establish row sequence and generating configuration parameters and other actions to finish the determination of core parameters.


three, returns intelligent configuration parameters.


4, connect the show, set the parameters.


five, if correct, the output parameter operation.


6. Choose the external file, save, download for later use. This completes the show intelligent configuration.


In summary, you have to configure a show of more than 20 parameters to light, its cumbersome, complex imagined. Since the LED show manufacturing cost is comparatively higher, if not set appropriately, ranging from no display, even though burning the show, resulting in significant economic losses and schedule delays. As a result, some LED manage software for the prudent, safe side, the style of complicated, inconvenient is understandable.