So, i found myself in a really fucked up situation.. how do you tell you parents that the thing they are worry about i've long done that? how do you explain that? hahahaha its actually a funny story.. i have a 3 year relationship, about to be engaged (not true but i like to think it is), whatever... so, i was planning this trip, SOMEWHERE, but when i talked to my dad, he just said, NO.. WHY? because he thinks im a virgin.. really? hahahahahaha i got so mad, that i was actually going to tell him that it is LONG GONE by now.. but i stop and start thinking about the cons and pros of the situation, and actually i'm the one who's gonna lose.. i may won the weekends, but they will be really dissapointed.. sometimes i like to think that my boyfriend is getting a little bit desperate.. i dont wanna go away and fuck everywhere i can.. i wanna have fun, i wanna see the world, there is so much in my country i dont know... i wanna go away with friends, i really think im missing that part, but then i stop to think for a second.. and i realize i dont care i can't have my weekends, weekends are nothing if im gonna spend the rest of my life with him.. but what if it comes the time that he needs this? am i gonna be forgotten?.. am i gonna be replace? this is actually a sour getaway..