7 Essential Benefits of Special Occasion Crystal Gifts

7 Essential Benefits of Special Occasion Crystal Gifts

Crystal is experiencing ever growing demand as gift item, being appreciated by people of all age groups. No matter the occasion, big or small, these gift items make these moments far more memorable. Some of the popular crystal gifts items are engraved Clocks, Bowls, Vases, Wine Glasses, Desktop or Table Top Items, Decanters or Tankards. These would be personalized through the use of abrasive etching or for the lower end of the range, laser engraving. This is because the abrasive etch provides a very even white result, compared to the laser which replicated the artwork but creating minute “chips”, so their appearance is quite different.

If you're looking for a personalized gift that won't be difficult to transport, a 3D crystal is perfect for you. The smallest crystal fits easily in the palm of your hand. They are the perfect size, supplied in beautiful boxes. They make small but interesting conversation pieces, perfect for featuring on a coffee table or shelf. Larger crystals can be heavy, but they do provide a fantastic effect, especially when illuminated by one of our quality LED bases.


When you decide to have Crystal Gifts created, you begin by choosing a good quality photo. Like photos on canvas gifts, 3D crystals are highly personalized. The difference is that crystals give you a 3D image, bringing your image to life in a very unique way. Whether you want to show a couple celebrating their wedding day or a portrait of your father for Father's Day, you can use your creativity to personalize your 3D crystal to make the perfect gift. Unlike photo on canvas, 3D crystals come in many different shapes and sizes. You can customize your crystal to accentuate your chosen picture and to fit the crystal's setting in the home or office.


BEST 3D CRYSTAL & GIFTS is a leader in providing innovative keepsakes by using technology and imagination to produce crystal gifts for any special occasion. We offer the perfect gift giving solution. We specialize in custom laser-etched 3D crystals mementos that are beautiful and unique.  Our internet enabled systems allows you to personalize a crystal with your photo, logo or design.  We specialize in special occasions such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, Memorials, Gifts, Awards and Company Logos. We know you, your friends, your family and your business associates will love our products because they will make your gift the perfect gift that will be loved and cherished forever.


Why are Crystal gifts such a wise choice?


. Unique with intricate detail


. Easy to order and deliver at low cost.


. You can customize them with your own images.


. You can choose the size and shape.


. Inexpensively enhanced with LED light bases.


. You can have a shape designed for you


. Come beautifully gift boxed


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