Reactant R conversion is defined as usual XR nR

The selective production of DEE can be of interest because it Biotin Hydrazide is in fact a considerable product of the chemical industry, mostly used as a solvent in a number of fine chemistry, fragrance and pharmaceutical chemical processes, and in some processes involved in explosives synthesis [23]. It finds also a number of applications in fuel chemistry [24] as an ignition improving additive in both diesel and gasoline engines according to its many useful properties: high volatility, cetane number higher than 125 [25] and octane number higher than 110 [26], reasonable energy density for on-board storage, high oxygen content, low auto-ignition temperature, broad flammability limits, and high miscibility in diesel fuel and bioethanol. Partial conversion of ethanol to DEE has been studied in order to increase volatility of ethanol to be applicable as a gasoline fuel also in cold start conditions [27]. Disadvantages include the same high volatility, propensity for peroxidation in storage, low lubricity and anesthetic effects [28].