Dispersion of POSS BAFKU in

We noticed that Tariquidar the size of circular cages rises proportionally to POSS-BAFKU concentration in PMMA. In the case of PMMA with POSS-BAFKP changes of surface topography are also systematic with the increase of POSS-BAFKP concentration. At the smallest studied concentration POSS-BAFKP 3% the surface is almost flat as in pure PMMA with small number of columns. Sample POSS-BAFKP 6% contains more columns and for sample POSS-BAFKP 15% the columns are so numerous that are almost in contact. We suppose that the main differences between surface topographies between POSS-BAFKU and POSS-BAFKP in PMMA result from the fact that POSS-BAFKU itself is showing liquid crystal phase in the temperature range of 97.0–107.5 °C while POSS-BAFKP does not show liquid crystalline phase until its melting temperature [24]. The problem not resolved yet is the bulk structure of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) composite and answer to the question whether films have porous structure in their bulk or uniquely at the surface.
4. Photochromism in azo-POSS PMMA composites