What Can Cause Delays On Your Flower Delivery Perth Orders?

Delays on your flower delivery Perth orders can lead to a negative feedback from the customer. It is a standard operating procedure as the owner to find out what is really causing a delayed flower delivery. Below are some of the usual problems that a flower delivery business may face during its day-to-day operation.

·         Mechanical failure

When the delay is due to a mechanical failure of the flower delivery Perth vehicle, the problem is often a dead battery or engine malfunction. If this happens, expect full stop in the delivery of fresh flowers to its target recipient or delivery address because immediate vehicle inspection should be performed to avoid future breakdowns. You can contact a reliable auto repair shop to check the reason behind a mechanical failure and ensure appropriate repairs or maintenance routine checks are done on the concerned delivery vehicle.

·         Less experienced delivery driver

Another reason that may result to delayed flower delivery is assigning the task to a less experienced delivery driver who is just newly hired and don’t know the quickest routes going to a Perth residential area. To prevent this kind of scenario from happening on your next flower delivery assignment, provide enough training sessions to all new hires, particularly delivery drivers. Make sure they are fully equipped with tools like maps to make their delivery duties more accurate. With readily on hand maps, drivers can easily get direction in locating a particular delivery address. Aside from that, you can also install GPS (Global Positioning System) device on your delivery vehicles, so that you can track the whereabouts of your delivery drivers while on the road and give immediate assistance in case something went wrong along the delivery journey.

·         Customer’s fault

This next cause of delay usually occurs when the fault is on the customer’s end. If can be an error in the recipient’s name or delivery address. If you encountered a reported issue of delayed flower delivery Perth because of wrong address given by the customer, keep a record of the transaction, so that if the customer claims for refund, you can depend yourself and show proof that you only acted in good faith by following what is exactly written on the delivery receipt specified recipient’s address.

·         No means to track deliveries

Lastly, another reason why a flower delivery company can be performing poorly and encountering delays is due to its delivery operation system. If you are still using the traditional method of processing and tracking deliveries, then, you are indeed losing your chance to become more efficient and productive. What can you do? First, determine what delivery apps can help you fast track your deliveries. Once, you have come to a conclusion that you need a reliable delivery app installed on your operation system, scout for a software specialist who can do this job well. Remember, with the way current technology has evolved, no business can still use as an excuse an outdated system to be the root cause of their delays. As a responsible owner of the company, you have to take full reigns in the improvement of your delivery services.


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