Living in Kampot

Living in Kampot

Hey guys, first post in my new blog! Exciting times for me! I always wanted to do it, and now I have found the courage! It feels right that my first entry should be about a place that I hold dear to my heart, the wonderful Kampot in Cambodia, the Kingdom of Wonder! I lived there for a few months last year, and my experience was so so positive...

Kampot is situated in the south of the country, not far from the Vietnamese border (around 45 minutes to 1 hour) and also around 25km to the nearest beach (Kep). There is the beautiful backdrop of Bokor mountain, a stunning scene for a sunset awaits you! There are nearby pepper fields (considered the best in the world), salt fields, rapids and pretty countryside. Oh yeah, and it is situated on a river (as you can see in the picture, the "old bridge" is now out of use, and has been replaced by a much more sturdy structure).

As far as the town goes, it is quite small, but not toooo small. It has a very intimate and relaxed feel, everyone is very friendly, the locals are welcoming and the expat community is close-knit and strong. You really feel a sense of being part of something here, the first time I've really felt a community bond since I have been travelling the world. 

The weather is hot and dry for most of the year, with the rainy season coming from June to October, where there can be lots of rain, but we need it for the rice :)

If you go to Cambodia, then you must visit Kampot, especially if you like your places chilled out and relaxing.

Speak soon,