Secret of The Islands

Secret of The Islands focus is to make high quality all natural beauty products with a homemade feel. Our scrubs are not only exfoliating, but rejuvenating as well, made with soothing botanicals and other all natural ingredients.

Use our scrubs all over, hands, feet, and body as desired. The power of our natural scrubs exfoliate and cleanse deep down, leaving you refreshed and nourished without drawing any much needed moisture and natural oils. Many similar products can leave your skin either too dry or too greasy, but secret of the islands products leave you feeling brad new and natural.

Our salt soak is beyond bliss, meant to make your bath a relaxing getaway you’ve been waiting to escape to. Let your mind run free while your skin is given to a much needed spa level treatment some people would pay hundreds for. At secret of the islands, it’s quality, it’s natural, it’s beautiful.