Potential Benefits of Schizandra

Many adults take supplements in the hopes of improving their health and limiting their risk of various diseases in the future. One such supplement is schizandra berries tea. This is a type of berry that has been used for a long time as part of traditional Chinese medicine. There aren't documented side effects with the use of this supplement, making it worth a try for those who have an interest in doing so.

Schizandra may have a number of benefits in the body, although scientific research is still in the preliminary stages. Using the highest quality Schizandra may help improve endurance, mental performance, accuracy of movement and your body's response to temperature and altitude. It may have benefits for the heart, central nervous system, immune system, endocrine system and digestive system. These berries may have protective effects on the liver, helping to limit the risk of certain types of hepatitis. Some research indicates potential benefits for balancing blood sugar levels, which could mean that schisandra would be beneficial for people at risk for diabetes. It may also help limit the inflammation and fever associated with a number of different illnesses and act as an antioxidant to limit damage from free radicals.

The main use for these supplements is for helping the body deal with stress and stay alert. For example, one study found that women under stress given a supplement containing these berries were able to complete tests with a higher level of accuracy and speed than those given a placebo. It can help increase concentration and limit mistakes by people who are tired. Taking this supplement helps people perform well under stress without having as many side effects as some of the other supplements that people sometimes use for this purpose, such as caffeine and other stimulants. This is because it is an adaptogen instead of a stimulant. It helps the body adapt to adverse conditions, such as high heat, extreme cold, high altitude, low air pressure and other stressors that can otherwise damage the body.

If you buy Schizandra from Lucidera, you'll be getting a high-quality product grown using organic methods in the United States. This may be a better choice than buying these berries from other places, as these places may have high levels of pollution, potentially affecting the berries and making them less healthy, and may have been grown using pesticides or herbicides, leaving traces on the berries that can then build up in your body.

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