Herniated Disk And Lower Back Pain Relief

I have had a herniated L3 and L5 for the past 2 years! Herniated disks can be the most painful and annoying problem anyone can face. I have gathered up some exercises that helped make a huge difference for me. You can do them anytime of the day but i recommend doing them as soon as you wake up. These exercises are designed to loosen up the muscles around the spine and also strengthen them! It also relives normal lower back pain for those who do not have a herniated disk. These exercises helped me get through the day and helped me to not be in constant pain! And i have been completely pain free for almost 6 months now! I still do the exercises everyday! I also want to let you know that i was never on pain meds! I refused to take them! It is very bad for your health and i have seen to many people become addicted.

Before we get to the exercises there is one important thing that everyone with back pain should do! And that is KEEP GOOD POSTURE! My doctor and physical therapist both told me that i possible could have prevented my herniated disks if i had good posture! I was always hunched over like most people when i was sitting and walking! If you have good posture you can prevent injury and get on the fast track to having a healthier back! Here are some examples of sitting and standing.