Suicidal Thoughts Succeed (Depression is a cause of suicide)

Something weird, hair-raising incidents happened in my community a couple of weeks ago that got shocked the whole neighborhood in my peaceful district. Satanic thoughts that influenced the mind of a father resulted to kill almost his entire family a couple of weeks ago. A man said to be got berserk - shoot his wife, three children (let escaped the other daughter) included their house helper before shooting himself (in the head).

The spared daughter was said to be the favorite daughter of the culprit. As their neighbor said, before the incident happened, he told his daughter to go to the police, call an ambulance because there would be killings happen here in a while. The father forced the girl to run away as what he commanded. Series of gunshots heard and thereafter, five lifeless bodies on the spot lied on the floor appeared.

It was found out that the father who once an OFW (a sea man) got an early retirement after been having an accident during his tour of duty. The accident said to be severe because he got head operation after being hit from falling ramp that almost instantly killed him. As what their closed neighborhood said, almost ten years - the father had no job at all due to medical problem resulted from the accident happened to him before.

The wife who was a banker and very active in socio economic activities around, most likely played the major role in raising the family, but it was been said that they had some other existing businesses which sufficient enough for family's daily needs. The mother was known to her friends as very athletic. She was once admired for being an active runner; in fact few days before the brutal incident happened, she was one of the finishers of that held marathon.

It was known after that there were already lots of untoward incidents happened in the family from the behavior of the father after being (head) operated. Some neighbor said, relation-gap started to emerged between them that only his (spared) daughter knew how to comfort and understand him that made the father liked and loved most his daughter - precisely the only reason why he spared the life of his favorite daughter.