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In mouse skeletal muscle tissues, Pax7 uniquely marks muscle satellite cells Acetylcholine receptor(AChR) and plays some essential however unknown functions on the perinatal stage. To elucidate its in vivo functions, we initiated a yeast two-hybrid screening to seem for Pax7-interacting proteins and identified a previously uncharacterized Pax7- and Pax3-binding protein (Pax3/7BP). Pax3/7BP can be a ubiquitously expressed nuclear protein, enriched in Pax7+ muscle precursor cells (MPCs), and serves as an indispensable adaptor for Pax7 to recruit the histone three lysine four (H3K4) methyltransferase (HMT) complex by bridging Pax7 and Wdr5. Knockdown of Pax3/7BP abolished the Pax3/7-associated H3K4 HMT activity and inhibited the proliferation of Pax7+ MPCs from young mice both in culture and in vivo. Id3 and Cdc20 had been direct target genes of Pax7 and Pax3/7BP concerned from the proliferation of Pax7+ MPCs. Collectively, our perform establishes Pax3/7BP as an essential adaptor linking Pax3/7 with the H3K4 HMT to manage theselleck compound proliferation of MPCs.