A Review of Arizona Training & Evaluation Center (AZTEC) Programs

The Arizona Training & Evaluation Center, or AZTEC Group, is a private, nonprofit, IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization providing excellent programs and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities in different communities in Arizona and the surrounding areas of Avondale, Glendale, Maryvale, Peoria, and Surprise. AZTEC Group is also planning to expand its operations in Malaysia, Singapore, and Tokyo, Japan.


Adult services programs


Adult programs and services offer an individualized training in various areas such as independent living, life skills, social and community awareness, and social development for people older than 18 years old.


There are a broad range of curriculums and programs that offer opportunities for learning through art and cooking classes, music therapy, physical fitness classes, volunteer experiences, and community outings to parks, libraries and museums as well as exposure to work. AZTEC also conducts special events each year focused on birthdays, holidays, and theme parties.


AZTEC provides learning opportunities through integrated recreational and leisure time activities and concentrates on training people with disabilities to become more independent.


Older adult programs


Older adult programs provide training and therapeutic activities focused on the social, psychological, and physical needs of aging persons. AZTEC delivers tailored services that are designed to support successful aging and help each individual to act more independently as possible.


AZTEC also offers programs and services to the people residing in an AZTEC residential area so they can remain home and experience daily activities in a more comfortable environment.


According to some groups’ reviews, seniors enjoy an array of activities such as arts and crafts, and bingo, as well as participation in integrated activities offered by local senior centers. AZTEC gives great importance to a relaxed and safe environment that offers stimulating and fun activities for them.


Employment services


AZTEC offers various employment services to all individuals designed to provide opportunities where they will receive meaningful education-related activities and vocational training experiences. The organization’s personnel work with each individual to develop a realistic plan that considers both their abilities and weaknesses.


AZTEC services can be provided at a center-based workshop, or community based worksite. The program’s goal is to prepare people with disabilities for an independent employment experience in the least restrictive setting. This could help the individuals to enhance their development, competencies and achievements, and conquer their barriers to employment.


AZTEC also incorporates classroom instruction to their services that uses a structured curriculum to provide guidance and orientation to the world of work. Vocational evaluations are completed and utilized to develop a job development plan for each individual based upon their interests, needs, and strengths. By offering a variety of work experiences, individuals could develop numerous skills.


Center based employment programs provide profitable contract work that offers opportunities for individuals to accomplish light assembly jobs for local businesses, packing food, collating, and shredding jobs. This wide range of work encourages growth and promotes the goals of independent employment and skill development.