on the right part of the credit cards port assistance 4 g LTE system

  The encounter I'm ready to cellular, unicom, telecommunications three 4 g credit cards, front part all is Pro netcom edition of battery power is enclosed, but after the xiaomi mi4 reviewspend can be started out for SIM credit cards alternative.

   In awesome front part Pro dual credit cards and system Configurations, the customer can change the two SIM CARDS of the machine. Information such as Internet, phone calls, as well as the worldwide wandering, this kind of change don't need to reboot your cell cellphone is an immediate change. meizu-mx5.comWhen it comes to change, it is worth referring to awesome front part is Pro netcom edition after substitute the SIM credit cards, all is the need to reboot the cellphone.  After apart after spend, we can see it facilitates dual sim credit cards, two credit cards spots a remaining a right. It is on the remaining part of the SIM credit cards 2 only assistance the GSM system system, on the right part of the credit cards port assistance 4 g LTE system. This means that if I will be cellular or unicom 4 g credit cards into the SIM credit cards 2, only enjoy the 2 g network; If the credit cards is placed into the telecommunications (CDMA2000), that's not to come out.
  If it is placed into the unicom 4 g card? That's no problemwww.meizu-mx5.com, because unicom and cellular 2 g system is GSM, feng is Pro full netcom edition can be recognized. But it also informs us that the awesome front part is Pro although all netcom edition facilitates dual sim credit cards, but not the dual credit cards assistance 4 g systems, although it is whole netcom, but only single credit cards netcom.