QM100DY-H IGBT Power Transistor Module - Mitsubishi Electric Product

If you’re tired of using your old-fashioned welding machine, no need to buy a new one. All you have to do is upgrade it’s power transistor module. In this case, you’ll need QM100DY-H. Visit us for more details at http://www.uscomponent.com/buy/mitsubishi-powerex/qm100dy-h/.


Mitsubishi QM100DY-H is the best choice for those who want to boost the performance of their welding machines. Despite being a high power device, this Mitsubishi IGBT power module is also known for being energy saver yet efficient in performing heavy duty welding tasks that can last for a long time!


QM100DY-H prides for being a Mitsubishi Electric product, which is a company known for manufacturing some of the best power transistor modules today. It weighs 0.93 lbs, with a 100 ampere collector current, and a collector emitter voltage of 1000 volts.


Aside from being the best choice for welding machine upgrades, it can also function for various applications like inverters, servo drives, DC motor controllers, and NC equipment.