How to wholesale jewelry from China

Jewelry have become popular harga batik keris 925 sterling silver jewelry.Every young ladies like them,and in addition male.You can now find many net shops at ebay.more and more stores at you city.Because the profit of jewelry are excellent.

If you are thinking about set up a shop or wholesaler,please go ahead to view following.

maybe there will established a jewelry wholesale store in your city. If you want to start out and test your can obtain some from their website as wholesale price and test thoroughly your sell.
If you are unable to look for a jewelry wholesale store in your neighborhood,you can search for the jewelry wholesaler at net.there are various wholesale stores do business at net.

2). Second, how can i get good price?
I recommend you to find a supplier from China.which means that your can get much more profit and let your jewelry more competitive.
If you just start your business,searching a provider at Google or Yahoo. you will find there are plenty of chinese supplier working for jewelry wholesale.There is one question,the delivery cost is much higher the you get in your country.the shipping price from China start from 25USD+,but the cheap price are enough to pay the price.If you order isn't too small,i still can conserve much by get the jewelry from China.
In fact,now most of the jewelry wholesale store obtain import the jewelry from China.They wholesale variety and could get very low cost.they many get the obtain the import at net exactly like you or some one may go to China to obtain the jewelry.A few of the jewelry wholesale store are set by Chinese.

3). Three,the type of Chinese wholesaler should i choose?
Most of the wholesaler from China need the minimum quantity for every item.Because they need to produce for you.
the minimum quantity around 5-10 dozen.If you would like to create a store,you can by dozens,to get a discount from them.
Some wholesaler have no minimum quantity required.they supply from stock.
For example,an jewelry low cost online site( that is a jewelry wholesale web store from China.offer no minimum quantity.
you will find the minimum quantity is 200USD per order and no quantity required.this sort of supplier are good for you to start your business.and in addition can provide you for dozens for better price.
most of the supplier offer discount if you order more.

4). Four,How does the products shipped?
There a two methods for shipping,one is delivery by express(DHL,TNT,etc),another is by air.
Commonly in thousand USD item.they can send in a little package.and may shipped by express.
express(DHL/TNT,etc) is definitely a door to door shipping.the products will send to your hands.
by air is slot to slot way,Commonly used for variety need to get the products at port.
so by express is good choice for jewelry import from China,in the event that you quantity are not too big.