IPhone 6S could just within a month

Rumors suggest that Apple is preparing an event to present to the market the new model of smartphone, which could be the iPhone 6S and, specifically, would show to the public on September 9. The date is not far-fetched considering that is consistent with the dates chosen by the Cupertino firm for presentations of previous years. Others believe that the iPhone directly 7 present.

IOS IPHONE IPHONE 7DE 6S According to information circulating on the Internet, the new devices include the Force Touch screen technology (the interface system will respond with a different function depending on whether the user performs a normal or long press), new more powerful camera and new processors. Cre also improve wireless communication with the inclusion of a chip. Samsung accessories
The new iPhone, 6S ​​or 7 also come with another version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 9 of explaining in the media offer many new features and visual style, as a 'wallpapers' funds improved or screen, introducing 16 new, making up a total of 27.
Last week, Apple had the fifth beta version of its iOS 9 stands out as faster and more stable than before. It has a novelty dubbed 'Assistance Wi-F'i, an option that seeks to solve a common problem, and it is when a device connects to a network inslámbrica whose service is lousy, preventing use the Internet in the normal way . Therefore, this function is able to detect this situation and is able to divert traffic via the mobile data connection without us having to manually turn off Wi-Fi.