Several Pointer Before Starting A Flower Shop Business In The Philippines

Setting up a flower shop in the Philippines to sell authenticated Blooms kado untuk pacar, hadiah ulang tahun untuk pacar for Filipinos isn't as easy as anybody could think. Just like any other flower shops all over the world, there are several factors that folks who wanted to start this type of business should consider. Unlike setting up a simple "Sari-Sari" store (small convenient store), establishing a flower shop requires talent and skillful hands, one of which may be the skill with floristry.

Floristry is the term used to describe the professional floral trade. It encompasses floral care and handling, floral style or flower arranging, merchandising, and screen and flower delivery. Wholesale florists sell bulk flowers and related supplies to experts in the trade. Retail florists provide fresh Flowers Philippines and related services and products to their Filipino consumers.

The craft of floristry consists of various skills. These involve:

* Selecting flowers that may look good together (based on principles of design or general instinct).
* Focusing on how to cut flowers.
* Knowing how to treat flowers.
* Knowing how to set up and other stock vegetation so they'll remain fresh so long as possible.
* Focusing on how to selling them, that involves understanding of customer requirements and expectations.

Other skills involve:

* Knowing how to create wreaths which may involve many types of flowers and plants, and often include ribbon and artificial product.
* Knowing how to create bouquets which may involve other materials other than adding different flowers and colors.
* Knowing how to form corsages, much like bouquets, requires arranging flowers for women's use.
* Knowing how to create boutonnires/'buttonholes', much like bouquets, involves arranging flowers for men's use.
* Knowing how to create artificial arrangements and other more difficult arrangements.

Other than selling Flowers Philippines, some flower shops also stock gift baskets, fresh fruit, and chocolates. Floral business can be seasonal and is greatly influenced by the next holidays and events. These occasions are as follows:

* Valentine's Day in which the most customers would involve adults with the girlfriends and wedded men.
* Christmas. Flowers are occasionally used as a gift given to anybody. Again, majority of the clients would involve adults with the girlfriends.
* Graduation days where schools occasionally order large quantities of boutonnires and corsages because of their graduating students.
* Mom Mary's birthday. In Filipino culture, it is tradition that people, commonly children, offer floral to the blessed Mom Mary on her behalf birthday which is kept every 8th of September.
* Mother's Day where flowers are always the good gift.
* All Souls Day in which flowers are customary present or offering for the lifeless.
* Weddings and Funerals.

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