The first step requires selecting one of the unlocked games. Every game differ slightly from the other. But, for any game you choose you are guaranteed of fun. The differences in each game are determined by features like how to make matches, launch attacks and earn free spins. All you need to do is to select the number of lines you want to play and bet on each line. Finally, you spin the wheel. The "auto-spin" button option is also feasible. A novice may find it challenging to play the game initially because of difficulty in matching and seeing the patterns. It may take a while to get used to the game but with a little endurance, you will learn how to play the game efficiently. Playing Slotomania free video slots games is a stimulating experience.

Various options are available. They consist of playing your game of choice opposed to hundreds of players in order to win an ever growing prize pool. In these live contests, you can send free spins and coins to your friends. They can also do the same for you.

Slotomania also offer exclusive promotions and in-app purchase incentives, where you can get terrfic deals on coins. You can buy some currency to start playing the game. Conversely, you get assorted opportunities to win and earn money as you play the game.

For those that want to have some wonderful moment, search no more! Slotomania would be the finest slot game for you, try it today and you won't be disappointed with it.


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