SEO 101 – When is the Right Time to Invest in SEO?

SEO 101 – When is the Right Time to Invest in SEO?



Online marketers, both old and new, will agree when I say that SEO is worth the investment. If you consider the costs of paying for television or radio advertisements nowadays, you’d definitely say that SEO is ten times better because it’s free and it has a wider range when it comes to advertisements. However, although investing in SEO is a great idea, most marketers don’t know how to time it right. Since it is an investment, even with SEO, timing is crucial.


So when exactly do you know that the time is right to invest in SEO? The answers actually lie in your own website. When a new website is newly launched, as soon as you check for website rankings and leads coming from the newly-made website, its current ranking should be underneath the first few pages of Google or in any other search engine. There is no reason to panic because most new websites do take long periods of time for Google or any other search engine to pick up, index, and rank your website.


However, if after a few months your website still remains on the bottom level or a new website that’s been launched is definitely making more money because his/her website is on Google’s first page reviews, then it’s time to invest in a good SEO company.


Other tell-tale signs that the time is right to invest is SEO are as follows:


Your website’s leads have gone close to zero – When you see your website struggling to get any leads for a month, then you know that you need help in getting good leads for your website. As a business owner, it is both disheartening and frustrating to invest a good amount of money for building a good website but your sales have not improved at all.


The reason for this issue could be two things. First, your marketing strategy has failed to invite more people to go to your website and get registered. Second, even if your website statistics show a lot of traffic going into your website, people are confused with the offer that you advertised and the actual product or service that you’re giving for the customers. Investing in a good SEO company should help, since the issues above can be remedied by sound SEO techniques and a good PPC campaign.


You are no longer ranked in Google’s search page results – This is something to be very concerned about. With the recent updates in Google’s algorithm, this will definitely happen to any website out there that uses black-hat SEO techniques and link-building schemes. In order to protect your website from issues like this, you should only use white-hat or organic SEO techniques and avoid link-building schemes that use keyword stuffed content.


Your competitors are also investing in SEO – Let’s face it; you’re probably not the only one thinking of investing in SEO. In fact, your competitors might be making a lot more money that you’re earning right now because they’ve invested in SEO wisely. Maybe you should do the same!