The same tests were performed by

As shown in Fig. 6 A, the coating formed on the Pt support after 60 s of pulse application was found to be cracked by the bending test but no areas in which peeling had taken place were present. This image is indicative of the fact that BIM 189 the coating has a significant adhesion to the metal surface which is easily identifiable by the plastic deformation lines coming from mechanical cleaning of Pt surface. The average thickness of coating too was obtained by a SEM image in transversal section (Fig. 6 B) and resulted approximately 0.7 μm.
Fig. 6. (A) SEM image of the LDH coating (60 s deposition time) after performing the bending test (A) and cross-sectional image of the same coating (B).Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
The morphology of the coating, after the fracture produced by the bending test, reveals a layer with differently packed morphology stapes could be due to different growth speeds, in accordance with the EQCM data previously obtained [28]. The innermost zone seems to be a more compact and dense layer and the outermost zone a more brittle and less compact layer.