How to Cure Allergy Naturally

Before you start allergy shots, however, speak to your physician about your whole medical history. This term is often used interchangeably with allergies to pollen, also called pollinosis, or, more commonly, hay fever. Grass allergy is usually directly connected to hay fever, as a result of their symptoms and causes are somehow much like every other. Grass pollen can be described as a constant allergy or asthma trigger and is really a major cause of hay fever from early spring to late fall depending around the climate in your area.

If exposure to pollens cannot be avoided, wear protective gear such as eyeglasses, clothes covering your legs and arms as well as an air mask. They develop as the body is trying to increase its immunity against pollens, usually from trees such as maple, olive, juniper, birch and elm. Before you exit the house to go outside, be sure you check first whether the pollen count is high or not.

Finally, consider taking supplements on an everyday basis. It just isn't right to complete self-medication, however, because some medications may have severe unwanted effects or contraindications for individuals that are taking medicines for other diseases.