The volume toggle is near the top of the left edge

The volume toggle is near the top of the left edge.It has a fantastic profile and excellent travel and feedback.I do wish the button were longer, however, to make it easier to use with gloves on. A large user-assignable button is positioned below the volume toggle (its default function is PTT).
It, too, has a great profile and excellent travel and feedback.I like that it has a red accent, making it easy to spot.Unlike the volume toggle, I think this button is perhaps too long.Rather than buttons, the right edge has a single, large hatch.I didn't have any trouble using it.Underneath, you'll find ports for the SIM card and memory card.
The USB port is positioned on the bottom edge and is also protected by a hearty hatch.The same goes for the headphone jack on top.All three hatches need to be closed firmly in order to protect the phone from water. xiaomi mi3 review The headphone jack is joined by two small buttons on top: the screen lock button and the speakerphone button.
I wish both buttons were larger and had better travel and feedback.They are especially difficult to use when wearing gloves.The back surface is made from matte, dimpled plastic that has a pleasing texture.You cannot remove the rear cover of the DuraForce, which means you don't have access to the battery at all.
I like the design of the camera module, which is near the top.There's an LED flash next to it.Kyocera did a great job designing and manufacturing this handset.Both side edges have a silver-colored band that helps offset the dark buttons.