Exercises of Christian goodman on high blood pressure

Exercises of Christian goodman on high blood pressure

                                                Exercises to control hypertension

High blood pressure is understood, as hypertension in medical terminology will be the leading risk

factor for heart disease (CAD), stroke, heart failure, also kidney failure. An inadequately controlled

hypertension improves the risk of above-mentioned health concerns twofold because it damages the center

the arteries and, and organs associated with circulatory system. Hypertension could have symptoms. In

general, symptoms like dizziness, headaches, blurry eyesight are warning signs of high high blood

pressure. High blood pressure could also cause hardening in the arteries, damage to our eyes, and

peripheral arterial disease.

exercises to drop high blood pressure

Urokinase melts blood clots, restore to health diseased heart, and increases the circulation of blood.

Epithelium growth factor restores and rejuvenates damaged tissues and cells. Colony stimulating factor

 is wonderful for cell division and multiplication. Erythropoetine assists in creation of red blood

cells. Kallikrin releases kallidin, which dilates peripheral veins and decreases blood pressure levels.

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Nitrogen is usually a diuretic accelerates kidney function and eliminates blood abnormalities and

toxins. Sulphur can be useful for blood purification. Ammonia preserves body tissues and blood. Copper

prevents undue accumulation of fat. Iron helps sustain red blood cell counts in blood and alleviates

vigoruu. Both Sodium and Calcium purify the blood while Calcium also provides nourishment to bones and

assists in coagulation of blood. Lactose Sugar fortifies the very center, checks excessive thirst, and

giddiness. Uric Acid  works in cutting down heart swelling or inflammation. It is diuretic

therefore destroys toxins All these are bioactive substances and hormones in cow urine and for that

reason intake of cow urine in a number of forms assists in maintaining proper blood pressure levels.

exercises of Christian goodman on high blood pressure

The herbal extracts of cow urine dilate arteries bringing down the blood pressure level.

It known that cow urine has small amounts of prostaglandin A1 and E plus they helps lowering blood
pressure levels.

Apart from every one of these factors, cow urine even offers commendable properties to decrease fat in

Intake of cow urine reimburses the shortage minerals in body like copper, potassium, and gold salts so.

Gold salts guard body from all of diseases. So habitual intake of cow urine before sickness can balance

your immunity and fend off diseases. It is often a miraculous poison destroyer (antioxidant) washes the

toxins from body.

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