Car Wash Equipment Specifications

Car washes have come a long way since the sudsy bucket of water in your driveway. Today's car wash,whether it is self-serve or drive-thru,has a variety of equipment to get vehicles clean on the outside as well as inside. A basic self-serve car wash offers a pressure washer while a full-service car wash houses car washing machines. Specifications on a pressure washer include: a motor at two horsepower and working pressure of 750PSI maxidiag elite md802. It delivers at 12 liters per minute and works on an unloaded valve. There is two piston pumps with the speed of 1700 ramps per minute. There is an adjustable four head opening with a three feet hand gun. The size of the pressure hose is 3/8 inches-by-22 feet with a water inlet size of 3/4 threads. The rail measures at 9 kilograms of a meter or 1800 centimeters. The total horsepower is 10,with water consumption of 150 liters per minute. It takes six minutes for one car to get completely washed. Vacuum Systems Vacuum systems at a car wash station are coin operated and must be powerful enough to handle many vehicles each day autel ms908. Vacuum systems can run on 10 to 25 horsepower. The producer size of vacuums can be anywhere from 60 inches-by-30 inches to 72 inches-by-32 inches. The nose and nuzzle can be 15 feet or longer,with a possible extension hose. There is a bag filter system,pin lock system and adjustable timers.
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