QM50TX-H Mitsubishi Power Transistor Module

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QM50TX-H is no doubt, the transistor module to choose if you want to upgrade your UPS performance. Weighing a light weight of 0.93 lbs., with a collector current of 50 amperes and a collector voltage of 600 volts, these features are indeed suitable to any type of UPS.


QM50TX-H is a medium power switching use, and insulated type power transistor module that is considered as one of the best Mitsubishi power transistor products nowadays. Since it became available in the market, it has been helping various IT companies and the like with its unmatched durability, cost-effectiveness, and proven boosting abilities.


With Mitsubishi QM50TX-H incomparable features, you might change your mind from disposing that UPS to upgrading it. In fact, this is hitting two birds in one stone. You buy it once,and then you gain two benefits - upgraded performance and durability.