A comparison between the results

A comparison between the results obtained by using the currently designed biosensor, GCE-GNs-NBpoly–GOx with those reported on GNs based electrode in literature (Table S1) indicates that S peptide the sensitivity and detection limit of the present work are significantly improved or comparable.
The performance of the biosensor for practical application in the analysis of natural sample was investigated using human blood serum samples under optimum conditions. The GCE-GNs-NBpoly-GOx electrode was applied by the recovery determination of glucose which was injected into blood serum samples. The serum sample was diluted 10 times with 0.1 M PBS, pH 7.0, and was then spiked with known concentrations of glucose in the total cell volume. According to the results, the biosensor shows good recovery behavior (Table 3).
Table 3.
Determination of glucose in human blood serum.SampleAdded (mM)Founded (mM)RSD (%)RecoverySerum sample___0.404.1___Sample 10.40.823.9102.5Sample 30.51.763.197.7Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV