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In ICG-001 typical procedure [28], 0.59 g nano-Si (0.02 mol) was added into 70 mL MeCN and then the solution was mixed with 1.75 mL HF under stirring. After 15 min, 0.15 g PABA (1.07 mmol) and 3.5 mL isoamyl nitrite were added into the above mixture. After stirring for 12 h, the resulted product, benzoic acid-functionalized nano-Si, was separated by filtration, washed with alcohol and dried at 100 °C in vacuum. Then 0.12 g benzoic acid-functionalized nano-Si was added into 120 mL DMF solution with the ray-finned help of ultrasonication and kept ultrasonication for 4 h. Then 1.35 g Zn(NO3)2·6H2O was added into the above suspension and utrasonicated for another 0.5 h. Next, 3.73 g 2-methylimidazolate was added under stirring and then the reaction was carried out at 125 °C for 1 h for ZIF-8 shell growth. Finally, the [email protected] was separated and washed with DMF. The preparation procedure was illustrated in Scheme 1.