What is a good quality cashmere yarn?

As known to all, cashmere yarn is the most luxury textile yarn which is prized for soft, warm and beautiful sweaters, coats, scarves, hats and other kinds of clothing and accessories. In addition to being beautiful and warm, it is also well-known for being very expensive, due to the labor intense process used to create garments made from it. In fact, good cashmere yarns also need high standard production process and technology to guarantee its quality. So what is a good quality cashmere yarn? We can judge it from mainly two points as below.

Firstly, it’s the material. The majority of the world's cashmere today comes from China and Mongolia, and Chinese cashmere material is the best and specifically well-known for extremely soft, fine, pure fiber, which can be dyed to any color, and are therefore highly sought after. Cashmere product manufacturers and designers all around the world favor Chinese cashmere yarn like the famous Consinee brand cashmere yarn.

Secondly, it’s the craft of cashmere yarn. There are three kinds of crafts on cashmere yarns in market, namely woolen, semi-worsted and worsted. Of course, the worsted cashmere yarn is the best quality in all respects and also is the priciest. Meanwhile, cashmere yarns in different counts with the same craft are also not the same quality. For example, NM2/36 pure cashmere yarn is superior to NM2/26 pure one because of the different cashmere fiber length that made up of.