Working principle and characteristics of LED light source

LED, an ordinary product nowadays, has a very common use in our daily life. However, have you thought about the working principle and characteristics of LED light source when you buy them from LED light manufacturer China? Now we can have a view at it together.


LED lights are semiconductor diodes synthetic material, composed by the PN interface, when the forward voltage is applied, electrons and holes are combined to release energy in the form of photons, it has luminescent properties. While its source near the PN Interface mm or less produced, depending on the characteristics of the wavelength of the light-emitting material and have different light color, common red, yellow, green and blue light-emitting diodes. I think China 18W 1200mm T8 LED tube light is a nice example for all of us. Light emitting diode brightness can be adjusted by the operating voltage (current) size. In a wide range of operating current, the brightness of the light-emitting diode and will increase with increasing current.


Of course, high quality modern LED ceiling light has the similar working principle and characteristics too if you have bought it and you will find it.