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There is a extended history of criticism of peer review, but it is usually approved as˜a method complete of troubles but the the very least worst we have. Far more lately referencea research have proven that the inter-rater agreement of peer reviewers for journal posts is as low as .23. Indeed, the use of bibliometrics in the United kingdom RAE and REF have been a issue of debate and while the REF was open to the use of bibliometrics, every Panel utilized them to varying levels. Panel A guidance proposed that results ought to be informed by citation metrics but REF evaluators have been supplied no standardised guidance as to how it was to be associated to the ranking of 3 or 4.To test whether the documented doubling of entire world-leading analysis good quality in the REF was supported by bibliometric top quality, we obtained particulars of all Panel A outputs submitted to the RAE 2008 and REF 2014, and in comparison them to numerous bibliometric indices, along with international efficiency on the exact same indicators in that time body.We received all the outputs submitted for Panel A and B for equally RAE and REF from the general public internet site. The outputs submitted for REF were categorised into journal posts, chapters, publications and other varieties of investigation communications. Since quotation metrics are most relevant for journal content articles, we restricted more analysis to these research outputs which formed 97%/ninety nine% of the whole outputs in Panel A for RAE/REF. The RAE and REF modified the nomenclature of panels and subpanels and to make certain comparability, we reworked all the RAE panel information into REF panel terminology, therefore permitting a immediate comparison.The RAE/REF posts were matched in opposition to the Centre for Science and Engineering Scientific studies, Leiden edition of the World wide web of Science database which includes information on in excess of forty two million content articles from in excess of eighteen thousand journals and tracks a lot more than 555 million citations. To assess like-with-like, the citation to a certain write-up was in contrast to all other articles in the identical field and from the exact same 12 months of publication allowing the dedication of the throughout the world percentile of that post. Some posts are in journals that relevant to a lot more than a single group, in which circumstance the total standing of the article is the sum of its fractional standing in the fields to which it is assigned. We excluded self-citations in our examination as we wanted to measure externally received citation influence, thus excluding up-front any source of distortion. Lastly, to validate our use of bibliometrics we examined how typically the journal posts in our RAE/REF set referred to other posts which have been also in this dataset, a measure known as internal coverage, figures greater than 70% provide legitimate and secure steps of bibliometric indicators. Considering that the fields of Health care and Existence Sciences in this databases are mainly coterminous with Panel A in RAE/REF, we acquired bibliometric info relating to British isles vs. With this knowledge offered for all RAE and REF journal articles or blog posts we asked the adhering to concerns: a) how many RAE/REF articles or blog posts ended up available for bibliometric investigation b) how did the good quality of articles submitted in the RAE vs.