Company Ltd. Review - Scammers, Thieves and Low Lives!

Company is a web development company operating out of city, Ukraine that is owned by an Israeli shell company called United SoftCompany Ltd. They operate websites and offer their services on third party web development escrow sites such as These rogue companies, their owners, and their employees have scammed a former client out of millions of dollars. A short list of things that  you can expect from Company should you be so unfortunate to hire them: Inefficient development, Defective development, Illegal activity (Company doesn't abide by laws in their own country by being involved in the development of a hardcore explicitpornographic website; we encourage Ukraine authorities to investigate Company on this matter), Being ignored by top management (it'll take a year for them to respond to you), Unqualified non-expert developers (when your project requires experts), Copyright and Trademark infringement (they'll use your intellectual property for their own commercial gain), Poor support (your project will be offline for days without being addressed), Sloppiness (they'll inadvertently alter your sites robot.txt file so that it gets de-listed from all search engines), and thousands of hours of site downtime and inexplicable slow site speeds. Company will destroy your business while telling you that it is a tremendous success despite all metrics pointing to the opposite. Our advice is to say far away from Company and all the companies and parties associated with them below.

Our full 50+ page complaint can be viewed here and evidence corresponding to the footnotes can be downloaded here.

If you have also experienced poor service or wrongdoing at the hands of Company please email us at [email protected]  and we will post your Company reviews. If the response is great enough we will launch a forum that will facilitate discussion on the matters.