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The inventor of basketball was Dr. Dr. James Naismith was his name and he invented it in 1891. Since its invention, it has became a very popular sport. Whether it is Dr. J. J or Magic Johnson, basketball has turned players into celebrities. If you'd like to play just like them, continue reading.

It's natural to be drawn towards offense as a novice, but the pros know defense is where the game is won or lost. Defense is what stands between you and a win. Even though everyone loves to watch offense, defense is what wins you most games.

Make sure you are looking forward and looking up as you're dribbling. You haven't practiced enough if you keep looking at the basketball while you're dribbling. Bring your ball along when you go out. Dribble the ball when you're walking to the shops. Paying attention to the ball means you're not paying attention to the rest of the game.

Practice basketball in season and out of season. There are times you may not find anyone to play with you. For concentration purposes, it can be good to practice on your own. You can still practice when playing alone. You can work on pivots and free throws. You can always practice something.

One good way to learn good passing is drill often without dribbling. Passing drills with your team is important for accurate passes during game time, and you can try doing them without dribbling at all. It may seem nearly impossible at first, but over time your team will learn to throw accurate passes and be in good position to receive them.

When playing basketball, it is important to always keep your eye on the ball. That will keep you aware, so you don't get surprised by turnovers or quick passes. Always be on the lookout for open areas where you can seize easy scoring opportunities.

Playing basketball does not require excessive muscle development. Being weighed down by too much bulky muscle can have a negative impact on your jump shot. As a shooting guard, having bulky arm muscles can actually reduce the number of successful shots.

Practice passing while looking the opposite direction. You are able to confuse opponents with this technique. If you're doing it correctly you can fake your opponent out so he/she moves towards that direction and then you pass the ball to a wide open teammate for a shot. When completed correctly, it creates an awesome play.

You need good vision if you are going to play basketball. This isn't just so you can read the scoreboard and be able to make shots and catch passes. Great peripheral vision is an asset. If you watch the entire game instead of just focusing on the basketball, you will be able to see open teammates and oncoming defensive players.

Have someone taper your games and then watch it to see how you look on the court. You can see where you can improve and what plays you missed. Don't get yourself down about your performance, but stay honest with yourself concerning where your game needs some work. At times, it can help to see the truth of who you are, not as you imagine yourself.

Take Your Basketball Game To New Levels By Using These Tips Basketball can be one the most fun sports to play, but you must know the basics. This article has give you the knowledge you need to play better. Apply these tips to your next game to become an even better player.