Excellent Chinese Oil Painting Artist Liu Wenjin Art Review

Women figures under brush of artist Liu Wenjin were all been injected with personality and wisdom that nourished by excellent culture, and become an embodiment of idealism beauty, who gathered the figure most thoughts and ultimate yearning to the human attractiveness of contemporary people, which embodies active social meaning, and unique aesthetic values within the history of contemporary oil painting art. This is the same for both women and men. This is the same for both women and men. In mainstream Western culture since the United States, in the ancient Orient, Yang Yi, toggle string zither, so that the lender of the Yangtze and Yellow notes, through the Millennium, leap oceans, inside the New World's multi-cultural melodies to try out the chapter.

This project can even be reported next time. It's too easy for age remarks to become misconstrued as well as the receiver of the comments to become offended. Everything moral and spiritual was suddenly uprooted from people's lives--temples and buddhas were destroyed.