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Gene signatures derived from cancer stem cells (CSCs) predict tumor recurrence for many kinds of cancer. Here, we derived a gene signature for colorectal CSCs defined by high Wnt signaling action, which in agreement with former observations predicts bad prognosis. Surprisingly, even so, we Our Selling Point Of CFTR observed that elevated expression of Wnt targets was truly connected with excellent prognosis, when patient tumors with low expression of WntOur Benefit Of PD173074 target genes segregated with immature stem cell signatures. We found that several Wnt target genes, which includes ASCL2 and LGR5, turn out to be silenced by CpG island methylation for the duration of progression of tumorigenesis, and that their re-expression was related with lowered tumor growth. Taken with each other, our information present that promoter methylation of Wnt target genes is usually a powerful predictor for recurrence of colorectal cancer, and recommend that CSC gene signatures, as an alternative to reflecting CSC numbers, may possibly reflectOur Advantage Of GSK2126458 differentiation standing from the malignant tissue.