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polo - This occasion was held at 5 Olympics. The first was the 1900 Paris Olympics. The way the occasion was organized the teams have been multinational with Brits currently being on the Gold, Silver, and 1 of the Bronze teams. On the Gold and Silver teams there have been also Americans. On one particular of the Bronze teams there were also French. The other Bronze medal staff was all Mexicans. At the 1908 London Olympics a variety of teams representing Wonderful Britain won all three medals. In 1920 at the Antwerp Olympics Wonderful Britain won Gold, Spain won Silver, and the USA won Bronze. At the 1924 Paris Olympics Argentina won Gold, the USA won Silver, and Fantastic Britain won Bronze. The last Olympics with polo were the 1936 Berlin Olympics the place Argentina won Gold, Great Britain won Silver, and Mexico won Bronze.

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Rugby Union - This sport was part of four Olympics. The 1st time it was incorporated was at the 1900 Paris Olympics were France won Gold and Great Britain and Germany both won Silver or Bronze. It was by no means determined which Excellent Britain and Germany won since the teams did not keep in town long enough for the match up. At the 1908 London Olympics there had been only two rivals, Excellent Britain and Australia. Australia got Gold and France acquired Silver. At the 1920 Antwerp Olympics there had been once again only two teams. This time the USA got Gold and France received Silver. At the 1924 Paris Olympics the USA acquired Gold, France acquired Silver, and Romania acquired Bronze.

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