The BLU Studio room 6.0 is OK, but evaluating to any contemporary smart phone

   Excellent price range cellphone. You need to know what you are purchasing with BLU Studio room 6.0. This is not a cellphone to do large activity playing or even average multi-tasking. This is not a cellphone to have great presenter or sensitive touchscreen display. This is not a cellphone if you have any aspirations to use it as a digicam. What it is, is very affordable tweener phablet, as they contact a combination phone/tablet. It has big shiny display with excellent quality.
   Show displays some large polarization and is not very tuned in to contact.The BLU Studio room 6.0 is OK, but evaluating to any contemporary smart phone, the display does take additional attempt to get around and some mild hits are not identified. The cellphone also is very long thanks to prolonged places to the top and base of display. As the outcome, it won't fit into any frequent pouches - sticking out a excellent inches or two even in denims.
   The presenter is at the end back and the BLU Studio room 6.0 is a common place for inexpensive mobile phones as it allows to use area of the desk as audio firm. But when you keep it in side, audio comes out poor and dirty. It's excellent enough for some competitive activity soundtracks, but does not have quality as a speaker phone or when viewing films.
   WiFi is a b/g/n and I suspicious double group as this BLU Studio room 6.0 has some of the most powerful WiFi antennas I have seen in mobile phones or even pills. My iPad Air has sluggish aerial then this Blu. But the cellphone absolutely does not have 5GHz aerial, so any WiFi systems on that data transfer useage are