How to avoid and overcome blind spots

How to avoid and overcome blind spots that appear to drive this problem relates to life.
Avoid too close with the car
Related traffic accident statistics show that traffic accidents constitute one of the main reasons is due with the car too close. Distance from the vehicle in front too close, it will be obscured vision driving the vehicle in front, unable to clearly observe the traffic situation in front of the formation of blind spots.
The correct way is the choice of "two seconds Code." It is not immutable law, when circumstances slippery when it rains, or is trailing large vehicles, such as container trucks, etc., would lengthen the distance with the car or even 5 seconds to 4 seconds Car Diagnostic Tool, so driving vision is blocked, affecting driving reaction.
Avoid impatient reversing
When reversing, the car situation observed after the big blind sight, we must ensure safety, especially when there is no assistant; drivers need to be extra careful.
Correct posture is the driver does not move his legs, hips move a little to the left front, left hand holding the steering wheel, using one hand to fight direction, the right palm is attached to the side of the seat back, a little harder against. So you can keep the balance of the body, two left-handed playing right direction can use leveraging. Upper body tilted slightly to the right, turn right while the upper body as far as possible, so that your eyes just to observe the situation after the car through the middle of the seat. This posture can see a big part of the car, so that the blind reduced, but can be very intuitive to see the direction of travel of the rear.
There are several points in the process of reversing the need to pay attention, one should get off the imminent implementation of the locations were observed reversing operation, do the reverse route aware; Second, in reversing the process, if the situation did not end after the car in mind, should get off the field observations, and then on the train operation; Third lights, a voice prompt to open the voice prompts launch x431 pro plus, the parking information to others, so that control the speed of the operation, observe and not rash.
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