Is Adsense Arbitrage Worth The Risk

Everyone wants an instant easy way to create AdSense cash; a way that doesnt require an excessive amount of model baju batik modern, too much web building and too much content. To make from AdSense requires a lot of work. But due to the character and size of the scheme there are usually likely to be publishers that will attempt to find easy methods to make AdSense cash. One such way is AdSense arbitrage.

For a time it appeared that AdSense was how to earn easy AdSense money. And for years the method proved helpful to the chagrin of Google. But recently, however, the situation has changed.

But first what is AdSense arbitrage and how really does it work? AdSense arbitrage can be quite a complex process, but in its simplest form it works by paying for cheap PPC advertising schemes like Googles AdWords, Yahoos SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING or MSNs AdCenter and directing the guests that click on the ads to a web page containing high paying AdSense advertisements. AdSense practitioners can either bid on particular keywords with large bid gaps or they are able to choose to bid on low cost keywords and direct visitors to landing pages with more general and competitive keywords.

So in principle you could use Google Adwords together with AdSense to rack in the money... as long as you choose your keywords wisely. You could spend as low as $0.50 for a keyword in Adwords and direct the visitors to a website with AdSense advertisements that pay $1.00. It appears simple on the face of it but theres more to AdSense arbitrage that meets the eye.

Firstly, you dont get the complete cut from a click as an AdSense publisher. You merely obtain 60% of the Adwords price. So you would get $0.30 revenue using the example above... ideally.

However, Google has incorporated clever pricing into the AdSense scheme and this has completely dissolved the key 60% cut once enjoyed by serious AdSense arbitrage practitioners. Fundamentally smart-pricing has been launched by Google to scuttle anyone practicing AdSense arbitrage. It basically re-adjusts the cost of particular AdSense click depending on if it is likely to result on actionable business such as a sale, telephone call, registration etc...

Unfortunately, anyone can be targeted by Google for smart-pricing. No AdSense accounts is safe and publishers that make use of AdSense arbitrage should beware.

So is AdSense arbitrage a serious viable way to use Adsense? The method in essence is cheating. Anyone captured using the method may be banned from the scheme. But there are perhaps thousands of websites that innocently consist of AdSense ads, that may also have a PPC marketing campaign promoting them. The many publishers owning these sites are practising a subtle type of AdSense arbitrage without also realizing it.

Theres no way Google can ban a large section of its client base. What can they perform? How could they be sure if a particular publisher is certainly practicing AdSense arbitrage?

There is no easy way to know for sure.

But also for anyone suspected of using arbitrage they could be hit with smart-pricing. This in essence dissolves any profit margins they would have had using the technique, eliminating any incentive to use it.