Universe A8 with the operate of the divided display function

   In order to better fit the use of different consumer experience, the Universe A8 signed up with the information in the concept set qualifications and percolate to substitute operatewww.max2u.com. As shown in the figure below, the talk pockets can select the program to offer any of qualifications picture can bring their own inner pictures, also can select from the record, this is like WeChat alternative talk qualifications operate, let the same concept before user interface become more stunning.
   5.7 inches wide of large size display for the understanding of the multi-function introduced more likely. Universe A8 with the operate of the divided display function, can use cell phone to talk, review pictures. Open the operate method is simpler, long press the fuselage can start the control buttons http://www.max2u.com/on the remaining.   If only needs when text feedback for one-handed function, you can start the new samsung Universe A8 one-handed feedback operate. So without reducing of the display simultaneously, can only let the feedback area docking station on the right or the remaining of the display.
   After the test, divided display display assistance straight and horizontally two kinds of conditions, and assistance the two similar user interface or one of the revoked in anotherxiaomi mi3 review user interface on the two states. But in a divided display user interface can't achieve simultaneously start two games, now can only select the application of the program to offer a divided display.