Leather a Key Trend for Men in 2013

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And in this stressful modern age, people from all walks of life have to be prepared for just about any contingency, be it extreme climate or just the daily grind of lifestyle.

In that sense, a fashion evolution, apparently buoyed by a change in the way consumers -think clothes- is occurring.

The clothing industry is bringing high technology to fashion.

The bottom line is, fashionable, tech-inspired, feel-good gear is cropping up just about everywhere. The clothing is designed to keep carefully the wearer warm and smelling refreshing.


Japanese style guru Issey Miyake leaves no rock unturned in his quest to find the right material. At the same time, he pays sharp focus on the surroundings. The theme for his fall-wintertime 2013/2014 menswear collection was -WINTER WISDOM & MOBILITY,- a type of menswear aimed at keeping the wearer warm on the the majority of bitter and windy days.

Issey Miyake's thermals retain high temperature, but aren't bulky. His clothing are airy and light, and provide mobility.

His signature material is called -Extreme Film.- It is flimsy and light, just like foil. It was influenced by the emergency blankets utilized at disaster sites. Miyake worked well the material right into a sporty, urban outfit with temperature retaining qualities comparable to five or six blankets.

Emergency blankets made from aluminum were originally produced by the Nationwide Aeronautics and Space Administration for space fits. Miyake made it his personal by laminating the materials with film. The seams are sealed with unique tape to keep out cool air. A full length coat weighs only 500 grams roughly.

An insider at Miyake's studio explained that the world-famous designer strives to -combine cutting-advantage technology with traditional wisdom to create clothing for modern people who live in tough, extreme environments.-

Besides the Extreme Film series, Miyake also created a light-weight jacket made from an unusual homespun mix woven from nylon and -washi- Japanese paper. Miyake used Japanese ancestral artisanship such as for example -sakiori,- a traditional approach to weaving using strips of aged fabric, and -sashiko,- a stitching technique traditionally used to reinforce and patch up tears and use. Miyake managed to bring back Japanese crafts with a modern take.

Items from the brand
go on sale from early July.


Textile manufacturer Seiren Co. came up with -Deoest,- a brandname of deodorizing underwear to greatly help beat the heat through the notoriously muggy Japanese summers. IN-MAY, the company launched five Deoest items, which includes camisoles and leggings for females, and underwear for men. The items each cost around 3,000 yen ($30).